гр. Банско, ул. "Отец Паисий" №21
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гр. Банско, ул. "Отец Паисий" №21
0899 83 47 02
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Taverns in Bansko

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Location: On 50 meters from the Holy Trinity Church

Pets: NO

Number of seats: 150

Summer garden: YES

BACKGROUND: One of the newest pubs in Bansko. It is typically slips style and offers its guests comfort and unforgettable time. The tavern is located on two levels - below for those who like to be in the throes of party and near the line and up for those who seek peace and gossip. General between the two levels is excellent cuisine, presented by smiling waiters kind and fulfilling moments of your orders. The kitchen offers superb bathing specialties, Bulgarian and European dishes. Band will rejoice as a swimsuit and Macedonian songs and the unforgettable Evergreen. At the first level there is enough space for those who love good pohapnat after a dance.

Music: Live Band.

KITCHEN: Bathroom specialties, barbecue, selected wines and branded drinks

Receives visitors: Yearly

Facilities: Garden
LOCATION: Bathroom Aiduti Tavern is located 50 meters from the church and 20 meters from St. Pirin.

Address: 21 Otetz Pisij Str., Bansko

Phone: +359 899 83 47 02


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