гр. Банско, ул. "Александър Буйнов" №5
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гр. Банско, ул. "Александър Буйнов" №5
0888 74 22 55, 0878 10 35 87
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Taverns in Bansko

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The old chimney

Location: In the ancient district of Bansko

Pets: NO

Seats: 50
Summer garden: YES

BACKGROUND: The tavern is located in the old part of town to house more than 150 years thick stone walls and old beams will make you populate the world of old Bansko. Hospitable host will satisfy the most exigent and - preentsioznite tastes. You can try a real bath specialties prepared with mind and heart of barbecue in gyuveche or grill. Vibrant fireplace will make you pomechtaete and live music to dance. One thing is certain - we will return again and again and each time will rediscover the true hospitality of Bansko.

Music: Live Band.

KITCHEN: Bathroom specialties, barbecue, selected wines and branded drinks

Receives visitors: Yearly

Facilities: Garden
Location: Located in the ancient quarter on the back of the church, just behind the tavern Dedo Pene.

Address: 5 Alexander Buynov Str., Bansko

Phone: +359 888 74 22 55, +359 878 10 35 87


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