гр. Банско, ул. „Велян Огнев“ №5
гр. Банско, ул. „Велян Огнев“ №5
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       Velyanova house was opened in 1977. It was declared a cultural monument of national importance and is an example of the architectural style fortified house at the time of the Renaissance. The interior is typical of the era. Has a unique wood-carved ceilings and frescoes, by Velyan Ognev - representative of Debar School of Art.

         The house was built in the 18th century. A stone two-storey building with a ground floor that includes a cellar / basement / with a typical input and bifid shelter reservoir in the core part. Brick pillars in the porch of hiding it connects to the room of the nucleus of the floor. On the second floor are the living room, living room, work room and female room.

         Reinforce the character of the house is emphasized by the small iron-barred windows, locked doors, entrances oriented interior and exterior towers, large terrace with wood-carved jack. Strict architectural structure is rich in contrast with its murals. Festive decorations and solemn acts of the central facade.

         In his landscapes Velyan Ognev represents the most popular time views of the major European centers. With that, he nurtured imagination of its citizens and their longing to know the cities near and far. With particular interest to the reality portrayed celestial, household items and scenes.


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