гр. Банско, ул. "Яне Сандански" №4
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гр. Банско, ул. "Яне Сандански" №4
0899 94 84 94
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Category: mehana

Location: near the downtown in the old neighbourhood in very close proximity to the church

Pets: YES

Children: playground: YES

General information:
you will feel the breeze of the Pirin region with authentic Macedonian music, real warmth and coziness coming from the open fireplace, meals cooked on coal, Bansko cuisine, bread and pizzas. The incredible live performances of the band and ensemble ‘Ludi Mladi’ will make you relax your soul and dance until morning light. The second floor of the restaurant is designed in typical Bulgarian style with low tables. The summer garden presents amazing views of Pirin Mountain. In the summer days you will enjoy the clean Balkan air surrounded by beautiful scenery and fresh environment.
The mehana organizes weddings, parties and folklore programs.  

live music and incredible program

250 indoors and 300 in the summer garden

Welcomes visitors: all year round

parking, garden


 Address: 4 Yane Sandanski Str.

0899 94 84 94



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